3 Ways to Differentiate your Law Firm – Part 2

2 Use your People Page, Use the Wider Web, and Use the Broadcast Media

We’re going to look at how you can make more of your website and how you can start to make use of social media.

Using your website “People” Page

This page has one purpose. To convince the viewer that he or she should buy from you.

It’s also likely to be one of your most visited pages when new clients are looking to choose a firm.

So it’s important.

“People” pages tend to follow a pattern.

We’re shown the person’s: name; job title; professional memberships; experience and specialisms.

A passport sized photo is also often included.

They’re OK but there’s

  • nothing that differentiates you,
  • nothing that persuades clients that you’re the best (and therefore)
  • nothing that convinces them to buy from you.

Here are 3 steps that can help you turn that round.

Step One.

Since most clients come to you because they have a need, organise your people into the teams who meet that need – and sell the team. Tell the viewer what the team does, why they’re good at doing it, and give an example.

Then do it for each key member of that team.

Step Two

Turn them from text into real people.

When we hear radio presenters we don’t need to know where they’re from, anything about their families, or whether they struggled with the traffic that day. But they tell us anyway. That’s because we want to know them as people. Know them, like them and keep listening to them.

It can be the simplest thing. I read a Linkedin profile where a barrister said his main interest was “following the great Everton FC”. Immediately I liked him, not because of any allegiance to Everton but because I felt I knew him better than if he’d just said one of his interests was sport.

Step Three

Will potential clients read all this? Possibly but don’t gamble on it. Use images and video. People look at images and watch video for longer than they’ll read text.

Social Media

It’s a good way to

-        make new contacts and

-        keep in touch with your existing clients.

We’re going to look at how you can start using social media to bring in more business.

Linkedin Profile

Linkedin has been described as “Facebook for business” and it’s a fairly good description. If you want to know what a person does and why they are credible candidates for winning your business, it’Linkedin profile JKJPGs the place to go.

Use your profile to expand on your achievements. Tell the reader what you’re good at – and provide evidence. Your profile is like an online CV (LinkedIn’s original purpose) and like your CV it’s a sales document. What it’s selling is you.

Use Slide Share to post presentations.

Use blogs to share knowledge with your followers and connections.  They help your credibility and give you a start on your competitors.

Use recommendations. People are more likely to believe third parties saying how good you are than just you saying it. It’s like Trip Advisor- but even better because you have control. You can say “No” if you don’t like what someone wants to say about you.

Linkedin operates a “Freemium” model. If you use the basic tools it costs nothing. If you want more there’s a charge. The best way to use it is to go as far as you can without paying – then if you need more, work out the costs and balance it with the probable benefit.


Twitter has lots of functions but these 2 are probably the most important for you.

You can tell your clients how the latest court cases and political decisions affect them.

You can express opinions about topical issues. If they’re controversial you’ll stir up lots of interest – even if not everyone agrees with you.

You can tweet a message of 140 characters, an image linking to a blog and use 30 second videos.

These can be used for anything you like – and they’re all free. But more importantly they differentiate you.

Other Media

Use Vimeo or YouTube to get noticed.

If you search for “How do I….” on Google it will normally find a YouTube video. This is because Google owns YouTube. Video is a great way to drive people to your website.

If you search for a person’s name it finds their Linkedin profile. So it makes sense not just to use them but to get the most out of them.

Contact TV and radio stations and appear on shows. You’ll be surprised to find how much they value having experts available to them. And of course it gets you noticed and it gets you ahead of your competitors.

In our next blog we’re talking about perceptions so here’s one to start you off. If you’re on TV or radio, lots of people assume that you’ve been chosen from a list of thousands – so you must be good.