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Using Video to Speak Directly to Your Client

Speak Directly to Your Client Selling a consultant into your new client is a cause for celebration but there still obstacles to overcome. Who will do the job? You need a credible candidate. Do you pick someone who is over-qualified to create a good impression? Do you risk putting in someone who is good but […]

3 Ways to Differentiate your Law Firm – Part 3

3      Create your own perception When “no win – no fee” started in 1995 some law firms saw a great new business opportunity open up. They could take on cases with no deal-breaking financial commitment from the client. They were handed a brand new revenue stream with huge potential. They could be seen to be […]

On the Bench 1 – Selling Yourself

No one is happy on the bench but there’s nothing you can do about it? Have you ever been a substitute for your football team? I have. It’s frustrating, boring after a while, and if you’re being honest a bit demeaning. If you’re on the bench in a management consultancy your feelings are roughly the […]