Talk Directly to Client

Using Video to Speak Directly to Your Client

Speak Directly to Your Client

Selling a consultant into your new client is a cause for celebration but there still obstacles to overcome.

Who will do the job? You need a credible candidate.

Do you pick someone who is over-qualified to create a good impression? Do you risk putting in someone who is good but inexperienced?  What if the client wants to interview your guy just to check they’re as good as you say they are?

It’s tricky and if you get it wrong celebrations become recriminations.

What you need is to present evidence of your consultant’s credibility – at the sales meeting, if possible. If you are able to select the right  person in advance you can of course take them with you. If not, you can use video.

 Using video to create credibility

If you are knowledgeable about your client’s business sector, video is a great way of proving it.

You can use either individual consultants (and hope they’re available at the right time) or use the team.

Your aim is simple – to create the impression that your people are experts in your client’s business. To do this successfully you need the team to

  • Tell the client about their business “in the client’s own terms”
  • Tell the client about “typical” issues and
  • Tell the client about possible solutions – that are available when they use you.

If you can do these, it tells the client that you’ve done it before – and probably done it successfully.

However if you aren’t knowledgeable but want to move into a particular sector, video can work just as well – because actually it’s no different.

In the former you can use video to get you over the line in the sales process. In the latter, you can use it as a marketing tool.

Either way you’re creating credibility – which is where we came in. Talk Directly to Client